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Training to Make You an Expert
Learn TFF, Become Self-sufficient, Then Lead the
The Rozembersky Group offers training to enable your technical
and manufacturing staff to confidently manage all aspects of
your TFF development and operations. All training is custom
tailored to your requirements and procedures, whether you are a
startup company looking to evaluate separation technologies or
a world leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Current
seminars offered include these:
Enter the World of Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
This seminar introduces engineers and scientists to the capabilities of TFF. In this seminar, students

  • What TFF is and what are its capabilities and limitations
  • How does TFF compare to other separation technologies
  • TFF procedures—who, how, what , when , where
  • A review of TFF components including membrane cassettes, hardware, and process control
  • How to structure laboratory studies using TFF
  • Fundamental operation of TFF system

Teaching Your Technical Staff to be Self-Sufficient
This seminar helps process engineers, manufacturing engineers, and scientists take their TFF
experience to the next level and become self-sufficient at higher level TFF tasks:  

  • Understand the factors that improve performance and consistency
  • How to optimize a TFF process
  • How to test cleaning procedures and storage agents
  • How to maximize the recovery of membrane cassettes
  • How to properly run trials to evaluate new membranes and product fluids
  • How to ensure linear scale-up from the lab to your production equipment

Become an Expert in TFF—High Level Theory and Application
This seminar is for engineers and scientist who will be taking a leadership role in the development
and implementation of TFF systems. After completing this course, participates will have the
expertise to:

  • Understand membrane materials, chemical binding and absorption
  • How TFF theory relates to real-life processing
  • Developing correct and comprehensive TFF procedures using a minimum amount of time,
    money, and product
  • Design a TFF process based on procedures
  • Specify the hardware components required to manufacture a TFF system
  • Specify membrane filters for a given TFF process
  • Develop trials plans including lab to production scaleup
  • Optimize the system once it is in place
  • Managing the TFF environment and technicians
Seminar Topics
Applied Principles & Techniques
Cleaning & Validation
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Integrity Testing
Process System Design
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